inground pools


Q: What is the maintenance cost per year or month?

A:Although TWPCo does not offer this service you an average cost to service a pool with spa is $160.00-200.00 per month. This will include weekly visits and chemicals. Not including filter cleaning.

Q: How can I keep my pool warm?

A:By adding a hot tub or pool heater you can enjoy your pool basically year round. It's a little expensive to heat your pool consistently with a natural gas heater during the winter but there is a less expensive way to heat your pool by adding a heat pump. Please give us a call for more details. Call Now!

Q: Why would I want a spa/hot tub with our pool?

A:Adding a hot tub to your pool construction project will add enjoyment and will extend your swim season by having the ability to heat the pool. And it's always nice to get into a hot tub during those chilly winter nights.

Q: When is the best time of year to start my pool project?

A:Generally late winter and spring is the busiest time of year for pool builders. In south east Texas the climate allows suitable weather to build year round. Freezing temperatures and rain will delay construction.

Q: How long will it take to enjoy my pool?

A:Depending on the scope of your particular project. It could be as little as two weeks and or as long as three months depending on material availability and weather delays. On average for the TWPCo takes 4-6 weeks.

Q: Salt vs. chlorine, which is better?

A:Pools with brick coping and ceramic tile hold up well with saltwater systems. Stay away from saltwater systems if your pool will have natural stone for the coping and waterline including natural rock water features.